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Say Good-Bye to fine lines


Fine lines can start appearing even in younger individuals. Our skin care routine and most importantly how much sun exposure we are getting are all big factors of how our skin would transform with age. While we can protect it from the sun by applying sunscreen and hydrating it with moisturizer- we are powerless against our genes. Some people have better skin then others; it is a natural phenomenon and we aren’t at the stage to play with our genetics to correct the issue. Although science doesn’t rest and works in different directions in order to ameliorate the situation.

Until now the latest and the most successful treatments all have collagen in the base of their success. There are some facial creams containing collagen (usually extracted from animals- mostly bovine), collagen injections and infrared light therapies that all registered some level of triumph over fine lines. Among them, infrared light therapy attracts a particular attention. First of all, it is important to define collagen. It is a protein in our skin that is responsible for its firmness and elasticity. With age the production of collagen is significantly reduced, which reflects on our less vibrant, wrinkled skin. Concentrated infrared rays penetrate the epidermis up to one inch in depth and stimulate the fibroblast and starts producing more of this collagen. In case of RX-633 machines of Dr. Arlin the results are noticeable immediately after the first 10 minutes session. The produced collagen fills up our fine lines and all kind of blemishes on the surface, making our skin vibrant and young-looking. The tests showed that after taking a course of 12 to 16 sessions (each of 10 minutes long) we gain considerable improvements in our skin. It is recommended to use these sessions two to three times per week for the maximum 16 treatments after which our skin would reach the maximum level of collagen that it can naturally produce. Then in order to maintain this proper level of collagen, only one to two visits per month is necessary.

 Being able to naturally produce its own collagen layer is a gradual, on-going process that is becoming possible thanks to the innovative infrared technology. Instead of injecting or applying creams with some foreign collagen tissues (that usually are coming from animals) we can stimulate our skin to produce its own. To learn more about RX-633 machines, please visit


Tired to fight Cellulite?

«Orange peel syndrome», «cottage cheese thighs»- you can call it whatever you want, but one thing is clear: cellulite is a significant problem in women of post pubertal age. Actually, there are over 85% of females encountering some form of this skin condition. Found in the most undesirable areas, as buttocks and thighs most of women are trying to get rid of it, but only few of them could ever do it. The thing is that it is extremely hard to deal with it and as Dr. Michael F. McGuire, a clinical associate professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles, said: «realistically, there is no cure for cellulite». Lack of cure doesn’t mean there is nothing can be done in order to improve it. There are several quite effective techniques such as anti-cellulite cream and physical massage that help break down fatty cells and stimulate the lymphatic drainage. Although to really bring the cellulite treatment to the next level, the infrared technology can be an irreplaceable tool. In brief, infrared light with an output of 633 to 852 nm penetrates the skin in depth up to one inch, the heat facilitate the lymph to circulate through its canals resulting in a better lymphatic drainage. On the top of this, this same infrared light stimulates the fibroblast that start producing collagen, a protein that is responsible for skin firmness and elasticity. By building up collagen between the fatty cells, it fills up and smoothes out the skin making cellulite less appearing visually and on touch. Perfectly safe and painless, first results would be already noticed after one 10 minutes session of RX-633 machine provided by Collagentex company. It is worth trying.

The most trusted and conventional method to reduce muscle pain and avoid injection or medication was always heat. It could be generated by several ways, as by pain relief creams, heated sand bags, sauna treatments or other electronic devices that literally warm your body surface to reach the pulled muscle. The recent emergence of infrared as an effective pain relief has changed the whole conception of heat application in order to reduce muscle inflammation. Instead of burning the skin to try to heat the muscle, infrared rays are penetrating the epidermis up to one inch in depth to target the tissue in pain without even warming the surface. The process is simple: infrared increases the blood flow in the target area by expanding capillaries that significantly accelerate the healing. If these rays are concentrated the results are so evident that the improvements are felt instantaneously. People who used to take some powerful painkillers can finally be free of these annoying daily intakes.  The same can be done for joint pain, even chronic pain such as arthritis. From testing, it was proven that the infrared light produced by Collagentex RX-633 machines is both powerful and ultra-safe, using a dual filtering system that allows to block all the negative rays (such as UV) from the light spectrum, leaving only the beneficial for healing long waves. Find more about this innovative technology on

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